1984 Barbie Doll House

1984 Barbie Doll House

The 1984 Barbie doll house is one I remember well. My friend had it when we were growing up. She had got it for Christmas. Her family was a lot wealthier than mine and I also got a Barbie house but one my mum had made. I had nagged for a Barbie house for ages because I didn’t want to be outdone by my friend. As it turned out I got the much better deal.

The 1984 Barbie house was extremely flimsey. It used to fall farward while we were playing with it and the floors weren’t very wide so you could hardly fit any Barbie furniture in each room. The house also had a lift that would constantly get stuck on the floor joins and we would end up trying to bash it free.

The picture above I just one version of the house that mattel produced. They were all the same shape but there were different colours and in some cases the lift was on the side. In the UK the house was white and grey, not as colourful as this one.

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