Barbie As Repunzel

Barbie as Repunzel

Barbie as Repunzel has long hair extentions in golden blond. Barbie comes with speicla scissors so that you grow Rapunzels long hair back over and over again and cut it. Girls can add waves and braids Magical scissors to cut her hair and try out new styles.

Repunzels hair extensions can be clicked together to form a rope to rescue her. There are four spots to attach the hair onto Rapunzel's head and most of the five hair extensions come with several attachment points so you can attach her hair in endless combinations, including making loops. Rapunzel comes with a tiara and necklace that come off easily.

There are of course lots of Repunzel accessories that can be purchased for this doll. The hair salon is very popular and comes with more hair extesions.

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