Barbie Clothes

Barbie Clothes

Babrie has recently launched a wide range of Barbie clothes. These clothes come in different collections. Some of the collections are to dress the Barbie basics model dolls which are designed to be fashion dolls with co-ordinating and changeable outfits.

Take a look at, they have a range of over 20 outfit collections. To take a look Click Here If You Are In The USA or Click Here If You Live In The UK

To take a look at the Barbie basics collection check out our Barbie basics page Click Barbie Clothes
Customize. Personalize. Play. Barbie Basics is all about permission to play. Each doll is in the fashion staple Little Black Dress break her out of the box and customize to make her your own.

Add one of the accessory packs to personalize your very own Barbie doll.

There are lots of accessory packs to choose from to make your Barbie model truly individual.

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