Barbie Collector Dolls

There are so many fun and unusual Barbie collector dolls to collect. I keep coming across more and more so decided to form a collectors list. You can see many of the collectors dolls here, there are so many to collect Click Barbie Collector Dolls to Take a Look!

Barbie Collector Doll

Antique Barbie dolls are not the only valuable Barbie dolls available today. There are many limited edition specialist Barbie dolls created that can sell for more even than the very first Barbie doll antiques.

Barbie collectors have a huge range of collectable and antique dolls to choose from and as such a Barbie collection will never get boring and you will never complete your collection.

One of the highest priced dolls you will find there is the Queen Elizabeth Doll. She is highly collectable and currently you can pick her up for $550.

There is also information on the more vintage dolls like the very first Malibu Barbie produced in 1971.

Barbie first appeared in 1959 and was followed in 1961 by boyfriend Ken. Barbie and Ken paired dolls are some of the most collectable like the Barbie and Ken Arwen and Aragorn dolls from The Lord of the Rings.

Some of Barbie's friends also have unique collector editions link Pregnant Midge.

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