Barbie Cruise Ship

Barbie Cruise Ship

On the Barbie Cruise ship Barbie can party and play on this luxurious getaway! The water slide folds open and make a splash in the Poolcuzzi. Fold the slide over, and a disco ball comes out, plus music and lights for a dance party. Set up the rotating buffet with aquarium and luxurious suite for Barbie doll to relax in. Sounds include 2 disco songs with lights activation, 1 cruise ship horn, and 1 water-and-dolphin play. Folds up for on-the-go and easy storage.

One Grandmothers view:

I purchased this item for my grand daughter who fell in love with it when she saw it in a sales catalog. I hunted everywhere for it and found the best price with Amazon. It was delivered within two days. My six-year old grand daughter plays many make-believe games with her two-year old brother and ALL of her Barbie dolls. SHE ABSOLUTELY ADORES THIS GIFT. I think it is a wonderful learning toy for developing the ability to play alone, but also play made up games with everyone else. She has a vivid imagination.

This cruise ship is available from Amazon at a discount price. To take a look Click Here

For more Barbie information Click Barbie Cruise Ship

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