Barbie DIY Doll House

Barbie House

Barbie DIY doll house projects are as much fun for adults as they are for children. You get to build a doll house yourself to your own specifications so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like.

You could purchase a Barbie size doll house kit. These come in various forms. Most of them are available ready painted so you don’t have to worry about actually painting and decorating the house yourself, you simply have to put it together. Barbie size kits tend to be very simple to put together with only a few pieces that slot in. They are not like conventional doll house kits that can take months to build and have lots of small parts, Barbie size kits are designed to be quick and easy.

You could build a Barbie house from scratch from a plan. This is much more difficult and I would not recommend it to someone who has never done woodwork. It can however be more rewarding and you can get a custom made house to your specifications. There are a few Barbie size doll house plans available.

If you have never built a doll house before the safest method is to work with a kit. To take a look at some Barbie house kits Click Here

For information on other Barbie doll houses Click Barbie DIY doll house

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