Barbie Doll House Furniture

There is lots of Barbie doll house furniture available today but if you want something that will last then wooden furniture is always more durable and resilient. Most Barbie furniture actually made by the producers of Barbie, Mattel, is made from plastic and although it is usually very pretty and nice for little girls it can be a bit flimsy. Kid Kraft Fashion Deluxe House

Barbie doll houses are called fashion houses so when looking for furniture for you little girls Barbie house you need to look for fashion sized furniture.

If you are purchasing a wooden Barbie sized doll house then some of these actually come with a good range of wooden furniture. A very nice Barbie house that comes with 18 pieces of wooden furniture is the Fashion Deluxe house by Kid Kraft. This house complete with furniture retails at around the $135 mark, so is very reasonable. Click Barbie Doll House Furniture for more information.

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