Barbie Doll House Mattel

Barbie doll house Mattel – Mattel have a good few Barbie doll houses available. They range from a small travel house to Barbie’s dream house. Because they are made by Mattel you can be sure that your Barbie will fit perfectly in the house and be able to use all the furniture.
Barbie Dream House
Barbie’s Dream doll house includes a grand entrance with winding staircase, gourmet kitchen, spacious living room, master suite with canopy bed, bathroom with luxurious tub, entertainment room/guest room, and every convenience imaginable? The house has realistic sounds like a stove that sizzles, doorbell, even a flushing toilet and two songs on the house intercom.

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Barbie Real House Play Set

There is also the Barbie real house play set. This is a good travel play set. It is compact and has three separate rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom like a studio apartment. There are also some gadgets with this house. It has real sounds for the doorbell, toilet and shower and the washing machine actually spins.

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