Barbie Doll House Size

The Barbie doll house size is much bigger than standard doll house and you must make sure you get the right size doll house to be able to accommodate Barbie dolls.

Barbie dolls houses are called fashion dolls houses. They are different from traditional dolls houses in that their rooms are much taller. Traditional dolls houses have rooms between 7 and 10 inches high which is no good for Barbie dolls because they are 12 inches tall.

There are several very good wooden Barbie doll sized doll houses available, take a look below:

If your little girl wants a wooden doll house you won’t find better than the Fashion Deluxe house by Kid Kraft. It is a wooden Barbie sized doll house and comes complete with 18 pieces of wooden furniture. The house is very solid and comes in a very girly pink and lilac colour.

KidKraft Barbie Size House

This house is huge and has six very spacious rooms for your little girl to play with. Wooden houses are far superior to the modern plastic doll houses and this house by Kid Kraft is one of the best with value for money and quality. The furniture that accompanies the house includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room furniture so plenty for your little girl to play with.

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