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If you are looking for a low cost or rare barbie doll the best place to start is ebay. They not only have brand new low cost dolls but also rare vintage dolls you won't find elsewhere. Take a look....

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Vintage BarbieBarbie is the most loved of all dolls. She is elegant, intelligent and fashionable and what every girl aspires to be.

If you love Barbie take a look around; we have over 100 Barbie articles, information on new and old Barbie and information on the best Barbie sized houses available Click Barbie Doll to see a list of all of our information.

There are hundreds of different Barbie clothes available and it is always nice for your little girl to have a few good outfits to dress her Barbie in. I remember when I was young I used to love getting my dolls ready for a party or a night out and little girls today are no different.

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