Barbie Dream Townhouse

Welcome to the Barbie Dream Townhouse! Remember when Barbie moved from her Dream House to her Dream Town House in 1974? Barbie is Home Sweet Home again!

Over 3 feet tall, 3 stories, 5 deluxe rooms, AND over 55 pieces: that’s a lot of room for Barbie and her friends to have lots of fun! Inspired by the original, this glam town house even has a working elevator.

There are also sounds, lights, and so many cool features! Ring the doorbell and come on in! You’re always invited to the Barbie Dream Town House! Ring the doorbell, open the door, and the chandelier automatically lights up to greet you.

The first floor is ready for a fab dinner party! The refrigerator is stocked with “food”. Use the oven and the stove timer. The dishwasher opens up, too! Move the party into the dining room; the table is set for 4. Pull the string and take the elevator to the second floor for more fun.

Barbie can chill on the living room sofa. Push a button—the flat screen “TV” pops up AND the fireplace lights up and crackles. Later, the spa is the perfect place for winding down. The tub fits two dolls , and pretty tiki lights glow.

When the party’s finally over, Barbie gets ready for bed. She can “shower”—listen to the sound of running water and Barbie doll’s voice humming. The toilet “flushes” and the seat opens and closes.

After a long day, Barbie needs her beauty sleep. Her glam bedroom features a closet with drawer and hangers—for all her fashions and accessories (sold separately). The pretty canopy bed, blanket, and pillow bring sweet dreams.

This house is currently available in the USA and Canada

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