Barbie Food

Barbie Food

Barbie food is fun for kids to play with in their Barbie houses. It is not something you see every day in Barbie shops but it is very easy to come by.

The food is bigger than regular dolls house food. Although you can use this it is made for 1/12th scale dolls that are quite a bit smaller than Barbie. If you want to keep items to scale purchase mattel items or items specifically made for Barbie sized dolls.

One of the best places to start looking for your Barbie ediables and kitchen items is Ebay.

You can find regular mass produced plastic items on ebay and also hand made items from Artisans. These are less expensive than you might think and there is a very good range.

A comment that I have regularly heard from parents is that when their children create games with play food items they are much more likely to eat the real conterparts when they come to the table. There are many Barbie sized fruit and veg items available that could help promote a healthy diet and encourage your children to eat healthily.

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