Barbie Guitar

Barbie Guitar

With this electric Barbie guitar Rocker girls can have a serious jam session . Definitely a toy rather than a real kid-sized instrument, this guitar has buttons along its neck instead of strings that emit different sounds in each of the four modes.

When set to Strummin’ mode, each button produces a different guitar riff against an electropop backbeat. In Guitar mode, buttons each make a single echoing string sound and Jammin’ interjects background noises, such as cheering crowd sounds or comments from Barbie (such as "What a star!" and "Wow!), while girls strum the strings. (Parents, hold your ears for both of these modes!) Finally, the Karaoke button plays one of three top 40 hits—Destiny’s Child’s "Survivor," Hilary Duff’s "Come Clean," or Christina Aguilera’s "What a Girl Wants".

Girls can plug the included headset into the guitar and sing along with their favorite stars or create their own lyrics to self-composed tunes. Separate volume controls for the guitar and microphone ensure that vocals won’t get drowned out by the loud music. Girls can also alter the sound by adjusting the echo or bending the pitch down with the whammy bar. Other song cartridges are available separately with different song selections.

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