Barbie Mattel

Barbie Mattel was launched in 1959 and is still going strong to this day.

Mattel was actually launched in 1945 and they made picture frames. The company was launched by Ruth and Elliot Handler. They originally had a partner Harold Matson but he quickly sold his share of the business to the Handlers.

In the early days Elliot Handler would make dollhouse furniture from scraps of picture frames. This dollhouse furniture proved to be so popular that in 1947 the company turned their emphasis to toys.

In 1955 Mattel started to advertise its toys through the popular Mickey Mouse club on television. This was the first time that toys had been advertised in this way.

In 1959 inspired by her daughters fascination with cut out paper dolls Ruth Handler suggests making a three-dimentional doll through wich little girls could act out their dreams. She names the doll Barbie after her daughter Barbara. Barbie was an instatnt success.

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