Barbie Model

The original teenage fashion Barbie model doll was reproduced in celebration of Barbie Doll's 50th anniversary, six favorite dolls and period fashions return, re-created in loving detail.

Barbie Model

The first in the series, a faithful reproduction of the 1959 Teenage Fashion Barbie doll introduced at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959 and featuring the famous black and white bathing suit. Included in the package are reproductions of the popular Solo in the Spotlight fashion 1982 from 1960, a reproduction vintage booklet, collectible 50th anniversary cards with a reproduction vintage image and Barbie fun facts on the other side.

This is not a perfect reproduction, it is however, a perfect display model for your vintage fashions. It is not as weighty as the original doll and the fingers are not separated as they were on the original doll. It is however taller than modern Barbies as the original Barbie dolls were.

This doll is available from at a discount price. To take a look and find out more Click Here

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