Barbie Twilight Alice Doll

Twilight Alice

The Barbie twilight Alice doll is from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Alice Cullen is Edward Cullen’s sister. Petite with delicate features, illuminating golden eyes, short and sassy dark hair, and porcelain-looking skin, Alice is oh so fashionable.

The doll accessorizes her romantic top, tailored vest, and stylish pants with the Cullen family crest on her choker necklace. Black ballerina flats complete the look.

This is a collector doll. It can be played with by children but as a limited edition will hold its value if left untouched in the box.

Other dolls in the series include Edward, Bella and Jacob and can be found on our Barbie Collector page.

The Alice doll is available for a discount price from Amazon Click Here to Take A Look!

To view more collector Barbie dolls Click Barbie Twilight Alice

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