Barbie Vs Bratz

Barbie Vs Bratz

In the battle of Barbie Vs Bratz, Bratz have taken a king-sized bite out of a market ordinarily served by an older forebear, Barbie.

In 2003 for the first time ever, Barbie lost ground to a rival fashion doll during the holiday season.

"The best doll this year . . . has been the Bratz doll," said Grow, owner of Gregory's Toys, an independent store in Encino. "Barbie has lost a lot of steam."

Mattel, the world's largest toy maker, is not accustomed to seeing its flagship fashion doll face such stiff competition. Its line of electronic learning toys also is faltering in what has become a tight market for toy producers.

Mattel has tried to keep Barbie edgy by marketing the My Scene Barbie, which sports a youthful, contemporary style, and the hip-hop-inspired Flava doll line.

Which doll will win the battle?

Both Barbie and Bratz have their winning points but in the end a lot comes down to personal preference. Kids may go for the funky new Bratz but parents can be nostalgic and opt for the doll they grew up with, Barbie.

Which ever doll win's it doesn't really matter, we can just have fun playing with them.

The Best of Barbie
The Best of Bratz

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