Barbie Wallpaper

Here you will find information on Barbie wallpaper for a little girls bedroom and also printable wallpaper for a Barbie dolls house.

Bedroom Wallpaper

Barbie Wall Mural Wallpaper Murals are becoming a really fun and popular way to decorate little girls bedrooms. A mural is a very large printed picture, printed like wall paper. You paste the picture to a flat wall as you would with normal wallpaper to create the picture. These murals can be up to seven feet tall and ten foot wide. They are designed to cover an entire bedroom wall to create a really personalised and special look for children.

This Barbie mural is an example of the effect that can be created. They are fantastic in creating themed bedrooms. They are also relatively easy to put up. I have hung two of these in my daughters bedrooms. You can use normal wallpaper paste, paste the back of each section of paper, one piece at a time and also put some paste on the wall. The paste on the wall will allow for more movement when positioning each section. When you have the paper in the right position flatten it down with your hands and leave to dry. Easy!

To take a look at some Barbie designsClick Here

Ebay also has a huge range of Barbie character wallpaper and you can often purchase it at bargain prices:

Printable Barbie Wallpaper For Your Barbie House

This wallpaper can be printed and used in your Barbie house. Please be patient as each item may take a little time to load:

Blue & Yellow Fleur de Llys

Our Fleur de Llys wallpaper in blue and yellow will look magnificent in most rooms. Put the main paper over most of the wall and finish it off with the border at the top.

Click the images to see the paper in full size and print.

Passion Flower

Perfect for a bedroom our passion flower wallpaper will bring a touch of romance to your dolls house.

Click the image

Red Lady

Our Red Lady wallpaper would suit a grand living or drawing room with antique furniture and a dark red carpet.

Click the image

Red Tile Floor

This is a Victorian style floor suitable for a parlour or hallway.

Click the image for full size

Green Garden

This paper is great for a Victorian summer room, you could cover just one wall to set the tone or if you are designing a sixties style house complete the style with a bright green carpet.

Blue Diamond

Designed with the bathroom in mind. Maybe white tiles on the floor and blue diamond covering the walls.

Click the image for full size

Black Orange

If you want to create a room with a difference try our black orange. Create a panel effect on the walls with a matching border. This paper suits a drawing or games room.

Click the images for full sizes and to print

For more Barbie ideas Click Barbie Wallpaper

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