Basic Doll House Furniture

Basic Furniture

Basic doll house furniture for children is very often the best. If you can get sturdy pieces that they can play with and throw around all they want they will have much more fun than with furniture they have to be careful with.

The best children’s doll house furniture I have come across is the Plan Toys range of furniture. It is all made of wood, it is very sturdy and it comes in some nice bright colours.

This furniture can withstand rough play and even them standing on it if they decide to pull everything out of their dolls house and all over the floor as kids often do.

There are a lot of different furniture sets available including kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and even patio and outdoor furniture. Plan Toys also make a range of children’s dolls which fit perfectly into the furniture.

Click Here to take a look at some furniture!

For more information on childrens doll house furniture Click basic doll house furniture

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