Big Doll House

Big Doll House

If you want a really big doll house there are only a few collectors houses that measure up. Childrens houses are easier to find in this large scale, especially those made for Barbie and Bratz dolls.

This page features collectors houses, to take a look at some really big childrens doll houses Click Here With collectors houses Georgian style houses tend to be the biggest. They are reminiscent of the large Georgian country homes and are usually very big, grand and have large rooms and windows.

In the past many of these doll houses would require a lot of work to put together, paint and decorate but there are now some very large models that come ready painted and decorated.

Take a look at these houses:

Big Doll House Available in the UK

This house is a fantastic item. It stands just short of a meter high and boasts six huge main rooms, an attic that runs the whole length of the house, and a central hallway that is is so large each floor could be used as an extra reception room. The outside of the house is painted a creamy white colour and there are actual wooden tiles on the roof. The inside of the house is papered with wood paper so you need do nothing to it. There is a grand spiral staircase that leads right up to the top floor and side windows that let in more light. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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Big Doll House Available in the USA

This doll house is a wonderful piece. It comes fully painted externally and wallpapered inside. It has six large exquisitely decorated rooms and a grand central staircase that sweeps up three floors. It is nicknamed the deluxe house for very good reason. Rooms and hallways are beautifully wallpapered and decorated with more than 41 pieces of furniture and accessories; doors and second-level windows open and close and stylish facade includes columns and rails. This is an Heirloom quality doll house. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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Huge Doll House Available In The UK

I love this house! It is grand and imposing and has eight huge rooms inside. Back in the days when I ran a dolls house shop I built one of these for a customer and when I was finished I wished I could keep it it was so beautiful. The curved windows right the way through the design are quite unique, you don't find them on many doll houses. There is also a balcony with doors that open out onto it. One of my favorite features is the sweeping staircase that sweeps right the way up the center of the house. This house comes in a kit and is very simple to put together and is available at an unbeatable discounted price from Laura Anne Dolls Houses.

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Big Doll House Available In The USA

This Victorian mansion doll house kit is one of the largest models and is surely one of the most impressive dollhouses to be found anywhere. Nathaniel Hawthorne hadn’t seen it when he wrote his classic The House of the Seven Gables, but indeed this mansion has seven peaks, as well as a full wrap-around porch, two balconies, and two bay windows.
This house is very special and is a piece that you will need to spend time working on. It is not a dolls house that can be constructed overnight but a hobby to do a bit at a time.The Garfield has ten large rooms with easy access from the rear and a lift off roof section. There is even a secret tower chamber which is accessed by lifting the roof off the turret. With its wonderful gingerbread trim and lovely detail, the Garfield is magnificent!

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For more doll house information Click big doll house

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