Biggest Doll House

Cottesmore Doll House

The Cottesmore is the biggest doll house you will find with 15 rooms. It is a grand Georgian country mansion. You won't run out of space in this dolls house. It has a very imposing stature with 20 windows in total a front balcony and double front doors it really is the grandest of all dolls houses.

Made from 9mm MDF the Cottesmore is very strong and stable and the MDF gives the house a perfectly smooth finish for painting.

The Cottesmore comes in kit form but is very easy to put together with all the pieces slotting into place. It is unpainted and undecorated.

Inside The Cottesmore

The interior of the Cottesmore doll house has 15 large rooms. All the walls in the picture marked with an X are moveable so you can create the room sizes you want. The stairs come ready built and all internal walls have precut doorways that fit standard size dolls house doors.

The rooms to the left of the house are very big and designed to be the main entertaining rooms of the household. There is plenty of space in this house to have every type of room you could wish for.


4 foot wide, 1 foot 8" deep, 3 foot 2 1/2" high

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