Bratz Passion For Fashion Doll House

Bratz Passion For Fashion

Straight out of the Bratz passion for fashion doll house DVD, this amazing house features a fashion runway, hot tub, rock climbing wall, bedroom, bath and lounge area, plus spinning closet organizer, a smoothie bar that doubles as an elevator!

This Bratz house has a lot of fun and funky features including a working lift, working lights, rotating clothes organiser, raising dining area, and a stage.

This doll house is plastic but in contrast to many plastic houses this house is very sturdy and any little girl will have trouble breaking it. Plus of course you get the added advantage of the accessories that plastic houses can have that you will never find in a wooden house like a hot tub. These don’t seem that important to us adults but kids love to play with them.

There are lots of Bratz accessories available for this doll house including enough clothes to fill the rotating closet.

If your little girl has seen the Bratz DVD she will love this house as it is an exact copy of the one in the movie.

This doll house is sold out nearly everywhere but for more information and to see new houses Click bratz passion for fashion doll house

For information on other childrens doll houses Click Bratz passion for fashion doll house

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