Building Doll House Kits

Before you actually start building doll house kits there are quite a few things you need to do. A question I am always asked is whether you should paint a dolls house before you put it together, well you should paint the outside before you put the house together but there are a few other things you need to do before that. Copford House

If you are going to have electric lighting in your doll house you should plan this before you start dolls house building. If you have an MDF doll house you can very easily disguise the lighting wires by cutting small v shaped grooves in the floor of each room of your house to run the wires along. These can then be covered with carpet so you can't see they are there. You need to plan your lighting and cut the grooves before dolls house building. You don't need to plan where every light will go but you need to have an idea of where you will place your lights.

Our beginners guide to building doll house kits has all the information you need to fit lighting, decorate and build you doll house. Use this guide if you are ready to start building, it will ensure you don't make any mistakes.

Before you start putting your doll house together you need to plan your lighting and paint your doll house, only then will you be ready to start building. When building your doll house make sure you use a strong glue and follow the instructions very carefully.

For help building your own house why not visit

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