Calico Critters

Calico Critters Doll House

This is where Calico Critters lawyers and doctors might choose to park the Cadillac: a spacious three-story residence with dormer windows in the teal blue "tile" roof, a full porch, two bay windows that open and close, and other fancy features.

The house is 18 inches high at the roof line, 18 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Above the porch, French doors open on to a balcony. Turn the house around and you'll find that the back is open, revealing a spiral staircase and white balustrades, making it easy to arrange and furnish the eight distinct living spaces inside.

This doll house is perfect for young children. It is large, sturdy and has lots of rooms. The animal critter families will really bring your child’s imagination to life and they can play for hours.

Nearly all reviews by parents have rated this house very highly and said their children love it. Some have rated it even better then wooden houses because of the colourful interior and that their children can imagine the animals really living there.

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