Original Catwoman Barbie

Catwoman Barbie doll is new for the 2013 Barbie collectors edition dolls. BArbie features the original catwoman outfit worn by Julie Newmar in the 1960's series. Catwoman is wearing an all in one suit with gold belt, high heel boots, an eye mask and cat ears.

The doll has a removable clothing. This doll is in the original vintage Barbie style doll with bendable legs which is in keeping with the dolls at the time of the original movie and TV series. She has neutral skin tone and painted on eyelashes. This doll is great for collectors and Batman/Catwoman fan's. The Barbie series also features a Batman doll styled on the original Batman from the 1960's. Both dolls launched in early 2013.

The character of Catwoman was first adapted for a medium other than comics for the 1966 live action television series Batman with Julie Numar cast in the role and portraying Catwoman in 12 episodes across the series' first and second seasons. This version of the character was given neither a background nor an alter ego, but focused instead on her costumed aspects. The costume created for the series was similar to the green catsuit appearing in the comics at the time, it was constructed by Newmar from black Lurex fabric.

Mattel's 1960's Batman line currently consists of Batman and Catwoman.

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In the 1960’s, an enormous amount of Batman merchandise was manufactured and marketed to cash-in on the TV show's vast popularity. This includes trading cards, scale model kits of the Bat mobile, colouring books, and board games. These items remain fantastic collectables but most are becoming a little frayed around the edges unlike this new doll which will rekindle memories of the original Batman series.

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