Cloth Doll House

Cloth house

A cloth doll house is a perfect toy for very young children to learn about their homes and the people in them. Fabric houses are suitable for children from six months.

I have one for my little girl that has fabric dolls and furniture. There are only a few key pieces of furniture but they are perfect for telling stories and letting her know what goes in each room. I also use the mummy daddy and baby dolls a lot because those are the people who live in our house. She loves them and will grab the dolls and try stuffing them in rooms.

This is a very educational toy and there is no end to the stories you can create. You can help your child understand that mummy goes in the kitchen to do the cooking, the bathroom is for having a bath, when daddy is not at home he is in work. It is even good for potty training because you can create stories where the child needs the toilet and runs to the bathroom to use the lavatory. Playing out different scenes like this really helps children understand.

The house above is from My First House and is a fold away fabric house. It comes complete with three people and some furniture. To find out more Click Here

For more kids doll houses Click cloth doll house

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