Cozy Country Doll House

This Cozy country doll house cottage is made with your child's imagination in mind! With three levels, and lots of open space to navigate and rearrange this charming dollhouse creates hours of inventive play. Unique features include: flower boxes and scalloped trim.

Cozy Country Doll House

This house is very simple in design and looks wonderful in a modern little girls bedroom. It is big enough for play but is not too large so wont take up a lot of room or get in the way.

One of the really nice things about this doll house is that it comes complete with all the furniture and dolls. There are four family dolls, mum, dad, brother and sister. The furniture includes kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and sitting room furniture. It is all brightly coloured in pastel shades.

The doll house and furniture are made of wood and are very strong and stable for your little girl to play with.

At not much over $100 for the house and furniture this house is a bargain.

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