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Currently Mattel does not give an option to create your own Barbie doll. Choosing the figure, hair, clothes etc to have the doll made. What they do offer however is an online game where you can choose your Barbie's hair, makeup and clothes to create your perfect doll.

This is fun but there is no option to have the doll made which I know a lot of Barbie fans would like. It would be nice to be able to create a miniature version of yourself or create a wedding Barbie to look like you on your wedding day.

Hopefully at some point in the near future Mattel will consider this option.

There are many more Barbie dolls available than a lot of people realise. There are thousands of collectors dolls and you might be able to find a doll similar to one you would like to create simple by looking through the collection. Take a look at some of the most popular Click Here

For more Barbie information Click Create Your Own Barbie

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