Doll Beds

Doll Bed

There are many different styles of doll beds available. Depending on what your little girl wants you can get an extravegant girls bed or bunk beds for twins, there are loads of different beds.

The bed to the left is the Groovy Girls Bombastic Bunk Bed by Manhattan Toy is the perfect place for you Groovy Girl to get a good night's rest after her fun time on the town.! Fits all 13" Groovy Girls beneath the cool, wild colored spread and pillow.

The widest choice of beds for dolls I have seen is on Amazon and they have lots of discount prices too! Click Here to take a look at all the beds for dolls on Amazon.

The Melissa dna Doug bed is a good option with careful craftsmanship and adorable details make this delightful wooden furniture bed a must for any doll. It has received the most positive reviews from parents.

For more information on dolls Click Doll Beds

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