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I accept sponsorship requests from high-quality establishments within the doll house miniature and Barbie industry. "Site Sponsors" offer the best products and services available in the industry.

Reviews of products and services are independent of the sponsorship. Each and every one of the products and services listed are truly among our doll house favorites.

The review of a sponsor would be exactly the same with, or without, the "ad" in the right column. This exposure in the right column provide the sponsors with increased visibility of their reviews (a valuable service in a site that now exceeds 400 pages and 1000 visitors a day).

If you enjoy, please support our sponsors. You will be delighted that you did!

If you sell goods or services in the dolls house industry (ex., dolls houses, hand made miniatures, Barbie houses, etc.) and would like to know more about advertising, Click Here.

If you are already a sponsor, thank you for your support.

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