Doll House Book Case

Storage has never been this much fun. With this Doll house book case looks just like a real dollhouse, but is far more useful. Bookcase in Doll House Shape

This doll house is KidKraft and is a wonderful piece of furniture for any little girl. The bookcase is strong and sturdy and is made from wood. There is a flip top lid for extra storage and there is also storage space behind the front door. Of course your little girl does not have to use this doll house for storage she could fill it with her doll house furniture and simply play with it as a doll house.

The doll house is finished in pink with buttercup and lavender detail, with window cutouts. It is all ready painted so you don't have to do any painting or decorating yourself. It does come as a kit but it is very easy to together, you simply slot the pieces into place.

To find out more and where you can purchase this doll house Click Doll House Book Case

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