A Guide to Doll house dolls

Doll house dolls come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are based on many periods in time.

Over the last few years there has been a great increase in makers of dolls house dolls and you can now get some wonderfully detailed dolls to complete your dolls house.

To see a hand picked collection of dolls for sale scroll to the bottom of this page

When choosing your doll you have a few options, you could purchase a basic shop dolls house doll, find a hand made doll, have a doll specially made for you or make a doll yourself. Out of all these options purchasing a basic doll from a shop has probably become the least popular because of the wonderful uniqueness you can get from a hand made doll.

If you fancy a hand made doll yourself there are hundreds of hand crafter's out there who will be happy to make a doll for you to your own design or they will probably have a lot of designs themselves.

If you are feeling adventurous you could take up the challenge of making miniature dolls yourself. You won't need to actually make the head, hands and feet as you can purchase these in a doll kit and just make the clothes yourself. There are a lot of books available to help you make your doll and they usually include patterns. The doll above was actually made from a pattern in a dolls house book.

A great place to actually look for handmade dolls that have been made by artisans is ebay. Many dolls house makers put their work on ebay to get it noticed and I have seen some really wonderfil hand made dolls there in the past. If you would like a hand made doll this is the best place to start looking, Click Here If You Are In The UK or Click Here If You Are In The USA

Doll House Dolls

Dolls Available In The USA

Dolls Available In The UK

If you want some more information on making your own miniatures why not visit our doll house dolls and miniatures page.

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