Doll House Footwear

Doll house footwear is a wonderful thing for us girls to collect. Just like with our own shoes you can never have too many pairs of doll house shoes. There are several artisans who create wonderful miniature shoes in unique and interesting patterns. They are not all wearable by your dolls but are all really nice to display and may even inspire you to create your own miniature shoe shop just so you can collect more and more.

Below are a few examples of the miniature shoes available from artisan Lucy Arnold.

Lucy hand crafts all of these shoes herself and every shoe is unique and designed by her. They are available from her web site at you can also ask her to create your own unique pair of shoes for you.

Each shoe is made from polymer clay and hand painted. They are not wearable by your dolls but make wonderful display pieces and are perfect for doll shoe shops. Lucy's shoes are second to none and I have not found another artisan with her range or imagination.

For more information on other miniature clothes Click doll house footwear

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