Doll House Furniture Plan

It is really fun to make your own furniture from a doll house furniture plan. Some plans are really easy to follow and you can make some really unique pieces of furniture and then decorate them to suit your doll house.

The doll house plans I have found are even better because they are actually traceables. What this means is you trace the pattern of the furniture onto the wood and then cut it out. There is no measuring and less chance you will make any mistakes.

These projects are perfect if you are a beginner and want to try making your own doll house furniture but don’t want anything to complicated.

Ladder Project The projects available in traceable form are the Ladder shown in this picture, a rocking horse and a picnic table. You can complete each project with balsa wood which is easy to cut with a good craft knife.

These plans costs $8/£4.50 and comes with a FREE window, door and fireplace plan bonus. Find out more about Traceables

For more information on plans Click doll house furniture plan

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