A Guide to Doll House Furniture

Doll house furniture comes in many shapes and forms. Nearly everything you get in full size you can get in miniature if you know where to look. There are hundreds of dolls house shops all around the world catering to the miniature needs of many enthusiasts. Many of these shops have their own range of select items or items hand crafted especially for them to sell.

Let's start off by taking a look at the different types of dolls house furniture there are.

John Hodgson Cabinet

First of all there is shop bought dolls house furniture. Now you can get nearly every piece of furniture you would ever want in shop bought furniture from a kitchen sink to a tiny umbrella stand. The most common period for these pieces of furniture to be based on is Victorian as this was a very decorative period and many collectors collect Victorian dolls houses. There are also a lot more modern pieces of furniture popping up lately.

To take a look at some furniture:

Available in the USA

There is also Hand made or Artisan dolls house furniture. These are pieces especially made by craftsmen and women. A lot of work goes into a hand made miniature item and they are usually very detailed. Hand made miniatures are usually exquisite pieces and believe it or not can cost thousands of pounds.

Above is a handmade cabinet by John Hodgeson and would cost you around £700!!!

Of course if you don't have hundreds of pounds you could make all of your dolls house furniture yourself, there are hundreds of books to help you make all of the furnishings for your dolls house and doing it this way will bring you hours of fun and give you a great sense of achievement when you have finished each piece.

If you want to start making your own miniatures take a look at our doll house projects page Click Here Now you know a little about doll house furniture why not take a look at some doll house furniture accessories.

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