Building A Dolls House From Doll House Kits

Building a dolls house from doll house kits has become one of the most popular ways to get started in the hobby. Building from a kit allows you to create a wonderful dolls house easily and also add a personal touch with the decoration. It is also a very cost effective way of creating your dream home. There are many bonuses to building a doll house from a kit.

There are literally hundreds of kits available to you in different periods and styles and you are bound to find a house that suits you. Doll House kits come in all shapes and sizes from a one roomed shop to a huge mansion, the choice is limitless.

Take a look at the articles below for more information on doll house kits. We have reviewed several kits and you can find them in the collectors anc childrens kits section.

Children's Kits

Collectors Kits

Other Kits

When choosing a kit the same rules apply as with choosing any dolls house and if you have not already done so take a look at our page on how to choose doll house kits

You can also get kits that are ready painted on the outside. If you want to get right down to decorating and furnishing your dolls house without having to wait for the paint to dry a painted house is a great solution. Doll Houses for Birthdays

If you are thinking of getting a doll house for a birthday why not give a birthday card to match the house. There is a fantastic web site where you can print as many birthday cards as you like free of charge. Click Barneys Printable Birthday Cards

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