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There are a few doll house maker artisans around the world that make truly fantastic doll houses. All of their houses are hand designed and crafted with each house being unique. In most cases every house has a lot of detail that you won’t find in kits and mass produced houses, even if you have them built by craftsman.

Below is some information on some of the best doll house makers:

Saalt Doll Houses

Saalt hand made dolls houses are Tudor residences with a rough rustic look. The houses are crafted using traditional materials, timber & plaster, with individually laid terra-cotta roof tiles.

Saalt Doll House

The houses are crooked & aged and are constructed in much the same manner as a full sized one.

Numerous colour & finish combinations are used both inside & outside to ensure no two houses are ever the same.

By choosing different elements, finishes & colours from the range of houses you can even commission & name your very own building and Saalt will make it for you.

These Tudor houses really are wonderful and if you want a dolls house with lot's of old world charm you couldn't do better for quality or cost.

Saalt houses really have to be seen to be fully appreciated. If can try and visit one of the dolls house shows they attend, it is well worth it.

For more information on collectors doll house Click doll house maker

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