Beginners Doll House Miniature Information

The doll house miniature information below will tell you everything you need to get started in the doll house hobby. If you are new to doll houses and don’t quite know where to start read through the sections below. You will learn about doll house size, how they are made, miniature furniture, dolls and more.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail us using the contact us form.

Find out about Doll Houses and Miniatures

  • Doll Houses - What scale are they made to and what are they made from?
  • Decoration - How do you decorate a doll house?
  • Lighting - How do you light a doll house?
  • Building - Where should I start when building my doll house kit?
  • Kits - What doll house kits are there for adults?
  • Kids Kits - What doll house kits are there for kids?
  • Period Houses - What is is period doll house?
  • Furniture - What furniture is available and how do I know it will fit?
  • Accessories - What accessories can I get for my doll house?
  • Dolls - What dolls will fit?

If you would like more information on doll house kits Click doll house miniature kits

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