Doll House Palace

Doll House Palace

A doll house palace can inspire hours of make believe play and spark children’s imaginations. Doll house castles and palaces are toys that really develop a child’s imaginative play.

Doll houses can be very useful in encouraging imaginative play in your children. Our technological modern life can easily leave little time for childhood imaginative play and can also stunt our children’s ability to author their own creative play.

Modern children are often accustomed to manufactured toys with defined purposes, television and films that present someone else’s imagination, computers that use other people’s programs, and classes in dance or sports in which someone instructs them in what to do. As parents we must strive to nurture our children’s ability to engage in creative, imaginative play.

If your little girl dreams of being a princess what better way to fuel her imagination than with a doll house palace she can actually play with.

The palace above is by Iplay and comes complete with 5 detailed characters (king, queen, princess, magician and jester) and furniture (table, two thrones and a bed) every little girl will live happily ever after. The tower even doubles as a handle so your little girl can carry her castle around with her. For more information on this doll house Click Here
Palace You could also make a palace from a plan yourself, the palace above is made from a plan. Building from a plan can be a lot of fun and it gives you the opportunity to customise your palace yourself. You could paint it pink or match it to the colour of your little girls room.

Your little girl can play out her dreams and create her own princess stories with a princess palace.

For information on other children's doll houses Click doll house palace

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