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A lot of the doll house people you will find in doll house shops are designed for adult collectors and not for children to play with. When children play they can be quite rough, bashing their dolls around, pushing them up stairs and into chairs. Kids dolls need to be able to withstand this play and they should also be flexible to allow your child to sit them down or stand them up.

Plan Toys make a very good range of doll house dolls for children. They are soft bodied and their feet, hands and head are made from wood. They are very strong and safe to play with as well as being flexible.

Plan Toys dolls also come in many different outfits so you can get a doll to suite your doll house whether you need a farmer, an old fashioned Victorian style doll or a modern family. The dolls are also multi-cultural which is very important if you want to encourage diversity in your child.

To take a look at the dolls Plan Toys have to offer Click Here

To find out more about children'sdoll houses, furniture, accessories and people Click doll house people

We also have information on building your child a doll house from a plan and fitting lighting in your doll house.

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