Doll House Plan

Building a doll house from a plan is no easy task. A doll house plan may look simple but cutting all the pieces your self and putting it together can be quite difficult. This is not a method I would recommend for a novice.

If you are experienced with wood work though building a dolls house from a plan can be a real pleasure. There are many dolls house plans available for children's houses and collectors and you will find them in most hobby shops. You are actually more likely to find a good selection of plans in a hobby shop than in a specialist dolls house shop.

A few things you should consider when building your dolls house from a plan are:

What type of wood you will use (MDF or plywood are most popular). Remember the type of wood and thickness you use could alter the measurements of your dolls house and you may need to take this into account when following the plan. For example MDF is much thicker than plywood and you would need to allow for the difference in thickness when measuring.

Will you make your own windows & doors or use ready made one's? Making your own windows and doors to fit your dolls house can be a very tricky business and you can purchase these ready made . There is a wide selection of windows and doors available and you will find these in most miniature stores.

Cost's: Building from a plan may seem like a cheap way to build a dolls house but remember you will need the tools to do it and these can be expensive.

If you have your heart set on building your dolls house from a plan take a look at our Doll House Plan Building section for help with building your doll house. There is also a really good web site that you may want to look at it has lot's more information on building doll houses Click Here We have also selected some dolls house plans below for you to have a look at. These plans are very inexpensive and a good choice for getting started.

Mary King Plan

The Mary Kay dollhouse, the original built around 1880 in Iowa by Mr. Clock, features a 2 story bay window, 2 wide porches, double pitch hip roof, 9' ceings on first floor, asplit level 2nde floor. It has a large living room and formal dining room, 2 bedrooms, bath and kitchen. More than 1400 sq ft(in real size) of luxorious living space.

This plan costs $8/£4.50 and comes with a FREE window, door and fireplace plan bonus. Tell me more about MaryKay w/BonusPac

Victorian Cottage Plan

This 4 room dollhouse is patterned after an 1869 Victorian Cottage and features a bay window, 10' ceilings on 1st and 2nd floors, cut-away rear roof allows full access to attic. The stairs with landing are fully detailed but can be omitted to provide more floor space. This house has six rooms.

This doll house plan is $8/£4.50 to buy and comes with a FREE window, door and fireplace plan Tell me more about Victorian Cottage w/BonusPac

Stephanie Plan

The Stephanie doll house plan, a classic Victorian, has a large livingroom, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bath, playroom and attic. This house was built with stucco exterior and 3 in 1 shingle roof. The PlanSet consists of 15 pages of detailed, dimensioned CAD prints, detailing cut patterns for roof, wall and floors. A fun project that is sure to please the dollhouse enthusiast.

This doll house plan costs $8/£4.50 and comes with a FREE window, door and fireplace plan. Tell me more about Stephanie w/BonusPac

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