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Doll House Play – doll houses can be very useful in encouraging imaginative play in your children. Our technological modern life can easily leave little time for childhood imaginative play and can also stunt our children’s ability to author their own creative play.

Modern children are often accustomed to manufactured toys with defined purposes, television and films that present someone else’s imagination, computers that use other people’s programs, and classes in dance or sports in which someone instructs them in what to do. As parents we must strive to nurture our children’s ability to engage in creative, imaginative play.

Child directed imaginative play fosters and builds creativity. Creativity will serve your children their whole lives. Creativity allows us to see new solutions to problems, see the “light at the end of the tunnel”, envision new inventions and the list goes on. We give our children the ability to create their own lives when we allow them as children to create their own play.

Dolls houses are perfect for imaginative play. They give our children basic objects that they come into contact with every day but allows them the opportunity to do what they want with them. Many children when playing with a dolls house will make up their own families, scenarios and games. You may see your child bring a teddy bear into play with their doll family, they are not restricted in the items they play with and this allows them to be creative.

Many children will put the bathroom furniture in the bedroom or kitchen simply because they see it as being easier to use there. They use logic and if you sit and talk to them while they play you will be amazed at the ideas they come up with. Develop your child’s creativity early on and it will serve them all through their lives.

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