How to Hang Doll House Wallpaper

Choosing your doll house wallpaper and wallpapering a dolls house can be an absolute pleasure but for new collectors the task can be quite daunting. There are so many styles of wall paper available for dolls houses that choosing the right one for your room can be a tricky task. Its hard to know what will look good when the room is finished.

Well here's a few hints and tips when choosing your wall paper:

Take the size of the room into account. A small room will look very dark and even smaller if you use dark coloured or patterned papers. Try to use light colours to make small rooms look bigger.

Vertical stripes will make a room look taller.

Horizontal stripes will make a room look wider.

Using two types of paper can create a very nice effect in a room. Using a stripe on the bottom of the room and a plain paper on the top will not make the room look smaller and will keep it from looking plain.

Remember before decorating your house you must put the electric's in. Also start from the bottom of the house, put the electric's into a room and then decorate.

When choosing your doll house wallpaper consider if you will use picture rails in your room. Picture rails usually have a different paper above and below them.

To take a look at some wallpaper and

Miniature Wallpaper UK
Miniature Wallpaper USA

Why not try printing your own wallpaper, I have found a web site with some printable designs Click doll house wallpaper Step by Step Guide to doll house Wallpaper

Step 1 Check you have fitted all the lights that need to be fitted before you start decorating and cut all your lighting grooves. If you have not yet read our lighting guide you should do this before you start wallpapering. Click Lighting before hanging doll house wallpaper to go to our lighting guide.

Step 2 Find out how many sheets of paper you need. Measure your room before buying any paper to find out how many sheets you will need. Sheet sizes can vary so find out the size of the wall paper sheets before you start. Bare in mind that pattern sheets or sheets with a border will have to match up so you may need more to be able to match them correctly.

I normally find that when using a single wall paper in a room I need one sheet per wall if the sheets are big enough to cover a wall. If I am using two wall papers I usually need two or three sheets of each paper.

If you have a front opening house you also have to decide if you will paper the front wall that opens and if so account for this.

Always buy more paper than you need in case you make a mistake. Colours can vary slightly between batches of doll house wallpaper and you might not get an exact match.

If you have not yet found the wallpaper you want try this web site Click Here
Step 3 Next you must cut your paper to size. Cut the paper to the required size. The full size of the wall if using one style of paper or if you are using two cut to the length of the wall and the required height. When using two papers overlap the top paper over the bottom slightly to make sure there are no gaps.

Make sure you use a ruler to get a straight edge. Wall paper should already have a straight, right angle corner so you can measure from an existing edge.

Step 4 Before the doll house wallpaper goes up there are a few things you must do.

All wires from electric's should be in grooves to stop them sticking up under the wall paper.

Wires should be held in place with a thin piece of masking tape.

Ceilings should be painted

Step 5 You are now ready to hang your wall paper. When Hanging doll house wallpaper you need a paste that allows the paper to move freely you can get special wallpaper paste for hanging dolls house wallpaper.

An alternative is to use normal household wallpaper paste but this can be a bit lumpy for dolls houses.

Paste the wall of the dolls house and not the paper. If you paste the paper it might become too moist and will tear more easily.

Once you have pasted the wall position the wall paper and flatten with the palm of your hand onto the wall. At this stage you can slide the paper around until you get it in its rightful position. Once in the right place flatten and bubbles or creases with the palm of you hand. You may need to apply a little extra paste at the edges.

Leave to dry for a day before you do any other work to avoid ripping.

Hanging dolls house wallpaper is easy. Now why not take a look at our furnishing guide Click Here

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