Doll House Wood

There are several types of doll house wood you could use when you build a doll house, ply, MDF, oak. The majority of dolls houses are now made from MDF as it is a very easy wood to work with and cost effective.


If you want to build a top quality collectors dolls house you could use a wood like oak and leave it unpainted. Some of the nicest collectors houses are made from oak but again if you have no experience of using this wood I would not recommend it. You will need more tools to cut it and it is harder to work with.


By far the easiest wood to work with when you build a doll house is MDF. It doesn't splinter, is easy to cut and has a perfectly smooth finish for painting. A doll house made from MDF will give you the best finish when painted as there is no wood grain. It is also very good for childrens houses as there are no splinters even if they break a piece off.

The drawback however is the dust. Cutting MDF creates a lot of dust. Because it is a manmade board it is not a top quality wood and you may want something more traditional for a collectors doll house.


Plywood is most often used for collectors doll houses. It is a wood that is very often used for hobby models because it is easy to work with. There are pro's and con's to building your doll house out of plywood.

Pro's: Its easy to work with It comes in large sheets It is light and easy to transport You can make door and window frames from it

Con's It splinters easily It is a thin wood and not suitable for childrens doll houses It has a very visable grain which you can see when the house is painted

For more information on building doll house Click doll house wood

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