Dollhouse Accessories

Doll House Accessories

Dollhouse accessories are one of the most fun parts of a doll house. There are so many tiny pieces to collect that will fill every room of your doll house. I think a longing to have more and more accessories is one reason why many collectors have more than one doll house.

You can get accessories for every room of your doll house. Below are some examples of the tiny items available.

A set of tiny pots and pans for your kitchen. You can get these in any different colours to match your room.
A miniature knife, fork and spoon set with twelve tiny pieces.
A clipboard so your dolls can take notes.

One of the best places to actually pick up good quality doll house furniture at a good price is Ebay.

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A coffee set for the living room, dining room or tea room. The lid's on the coffee pot and sugar bowl are even removable.
A toothpaste, brush and cup set. Just what you need for every doll house bathroom.
A swivel mirror for your dolls dressing table.

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