Dollhouse Dolls

Dollhouse dolls can represent nearly any character you like and there are hundreds available. If you are building a grand Georgian house and want a well dressed lady or if you want a fat old man to look after your bakery you will have plenty of choice. As a rule whatever method you choose if you have a twelfth scale doll house your doll should be 5 – 6 inches tall.

When choosing your doll you have a few options, you could purchase a basic shop dolls house doll, find a hand made doll, have a doll specially made for you or make a doll yourself. Out of all these options purchasing a basic doll from a shop has probably become the least popular because of the wonderful uniqueness you can get from a hand made doll.

Basic manufactured doll house dolls are all very much the same and there is little range. Handmade dolls offer much more choice and in most cases the artisan will be happy to make a doll to your specifications so you get exactly what you want. It is more expensive to purchase a hand made doll but well worth it if you want a unique doll house.

A great place to actually look for handmade dolls that have been made by artisans is ebay. Many dolls house makers put their work on ebay to get it noticed and I have seen some really wonderful hand made dolls there in the past. If you would like a hand made dolls house doll this is the best place to start looking, Click Here to take a look at the dolls currently on ebay

For more information on miniature dolls Click Dollhouse Dolls

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