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Dollhouse miniatures come in many shapes, sizes, materials and themes and if you are thinking about starting out in the doll house hobby it is important that you get as much information as possible about doll houses.

First of all most doll houses and made to scale. The main scale that houses are made to is twelfth scale; they are twelve times smaller than in real life. The majority of doll houses and doll house furniture is made to this scale and unless you are looking for the type of doll house that will fit Barbie sized dolls it is best to stick to this scale. Victorian Doll House

Wooden doll houses tend to be made from one of two woods, MDF or plywood. There are benefits to both these woods:

MDF is a man made wood compressed from sawdust and glue. It is good for doll houses because it provides a very smooth surface for painting, is very strong and durable and can be cut into most shapes. The disadvantage however is that is it a man made wood and the fact that it doesn’t have a wood grain and is somewhat fake does put some people off.

Plywood is much thinner than MDF and not as durable. Decorative dolls house with lots of small parts and fancy trim tend to be made from plywood and these are more for collectors than children. With plywood you will always see the grain of the wood even when painted and the surface can be rough. Many highly detailed collectors houses are made from plywood and when completed they are really beautiful.

Many doll houses are based on a theme like Victorian or Tudor style. This is very nice as you can focus your doll house towards one period in time and furnish it sympathetically. For more information on doll house themes Click Victorian Dollhouse Miniatures , Georgian , Tudor or Modern .

Dollhouse miniatures also come in many forms. You could make your doll house from scratch from a plan, build it from a kit or purchase a fully finished doll house that you need do nothing to. There is lots of information on all of these methods on this site, Click Plans , Kit's or Finished dollhouse miniatures.

Did you know that you can actually get real working lights for your doll house? A simple electric circuit can be fitted around your dolls house and you can connect working wall and ceiling lights and even standard lamps. For more information and to find out how to light your doll house Click Here. When it comes to decorating your dolls house there are lots of methods you can use. You can paint, wallpaper, tile and carpet pretty much as you do in your own house. You can purchase or make your own wallpaper and decorations.

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