One of the most important things to know about the dollhouse hobby is that all dolls houses are built to standard scale. That is they are built to a certain size so furniture and decorations can universally be fitted into them.

Willow Cottage Doll House

There are two standard scales for dolls houses: 1/12th scale and 1/24th scale. 1/12th scale is 12 times smaller that real size and 1/24th scale is 24 times smaller than real size. 1/12th scale is by far the most popular doll house scale and most furnishings and dolls houses are made to this scale. 1/24th scale is becoming more popular but there are far fewer furnishings available for this size doll house.

If you are just starting out it is easier to stick to 12th scale.

As well as being made to a standard scale doll houses are usually made out of one of two woods; MDF or plywood. Children’s houses tend to solely be made from MDF because it is very durable and doesn’t splinter. Plywood is often used for collector’s houses that have a lot of detail and intricate shapes.

Plywood is much thinner than MDF and a plywood dolls house is far less durable and I would not recommend one for a child. It does have its advantages in collector’s houses however. This wood is more malleable and can bend so you can choose a doll house with a curved roof and lot’s of fancy trims.

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