Leave the Hard Work to Someone Else with a Fully Finished Doll House

If you want a finished doll house but the prospect of building, decorating and lighting your own dolls house is a bit daunting don't despair. Let someone else do all the hard work and deliver a fully built, decorated and lit dolls house directly to your door and ready for you to start enjoying.

Building, decorating and lighting a dolls house is a big job. It will take the average collector several months to get their dolls house finished and ready for furnishing. Although this process is very enjoyable for most if you hate DIY or can't wait to have your dolls house finished it can be a chore. A much easier option is a fully finished doll house that you don't have to do any work to and is ready for your doll family to move in.

There are many dolls house shops worldwide that will be happy to build, light and decorate the dolls house for you. You can go to a shop and choose the dolls house, wall paper and lighting you want. You can specify which room each piece is to go in and they will do all the hard work for you and deliver your dolls house when complete. The plus side of getting a shop to do the work is that you can choose exactly what you want and know that it will be fitted professionally.

You won't have to worry about getting all the pieces in the right place or whether you should paint your house before or after building. You won't have the problem of lights not working or how to test you wiring circuits for faults. And you won't have the problems that all new dolls house collectors have with wallpaper not sticking and peeling off and bubbling. Your dolls house will be delivered fully finished by an experienced miniaturist.

Remember to leave plenty of time to have your doll house built because it can take up to a month for a dolls house shop to build a finished doll house.

Take a look at these doll houses. They are painted and decorated and ready for your doll family to move in:

Finished House Available in the UK

This house is a fantastic item. It stands just short of a meter high and boasts six huge main rooms, an attic that runs the whole length of the house, and a central hallway that is is so large each floor could be used as an extra reception room. The outside of the house is painted a creamy white colour and there are actual wooden tiles on the roof. The inside of the house is papered with wood paper so you need do nothing to it. There is a grand spiral staircase that leads right up to the top floor and side windows that let in more light. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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Finished Doll House Available in the USA

This doll house is a wonderful piece. It comes fully painted externally and wallpapered inside. It has six large exquisitely decorated rooms and a grand central staircase that sweeps up three floors. It is nicknamed the deluxe house for very good reason. Rooms and hallways are beautifully wallpapered and decorated with more than 41 pieces of furniture and accessories; doors and second-level windows open and close and stylish facade includes columns and rails. This is an Heirloom quality doll house. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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Finished For Little Kids Available In The UK

Perfect for young children three years old and over this house is a real gem. It comes painted in pastel greens and pinks with lots of details such as individual window shutters and painted flowers. The inside of the house is fully papered with colorful wallpapers and has flooring too. As with the majority of houses there is minimal assembly required but with this house it really is minimal, no painting, no fiddly bits, just a case of slotting a few pieces into place to complete the house. The price is unbeatable too!

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Finished House Available In The USA

This house has lots of decorative detail throughout the interior and exterior. The outside of the house is papered in a beautiful pink colour with a checkerboard roof that is covered with real wooden tiles. The inside of the house is decorated with a tasteful blend of pastels & bright hues precisely painted--dainty flowers, graceful stripes, ceramic-looking tiles & wooden floors, and two staircases of beautiful mahogany. This house is extremely good value for money and you can also add lighting to the package.

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Another option is to purchase a ready painted doll house. A ready painted doll house would be fully painted on the outside and ready for you to decorate on the inside. This is a more cost effective option than purchasing a finished doll house. To take a look at some ready painted houses click Partly finished doll houses

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