Free Barbie Sewing Patterns

Here are some free Barbie sewing patterns. You can print these directly from your computer and make them up with different fabric scraps. They are all designed to for Barbie sized dolls.

Barbie clothes are not that easy to make. The pieces can be small and fiddly so try and start with a nice simple dress.

All of these patterns are printable using acrobat reader. If you don't have acrobat reader on your computer Click Here to download it now.

Angel Dress

Angel Dress

This angel dress is based on the dress Arwen wore in the Lord of the Rings.

Click Here to download

Cinderella Dress

Based on a traditional style Cinderella ballgown.

Click Here to download

Court Gown

Based on the traditional dress ladies would have worn to court.

Click Here to download

There are many more dress patterns available from

Sewing The Straight Stitch By Hand

The straight stitch is pretty well described by its name. It's well used for very simple hems, sewing two pieces of fabric together, and gathering fabric. The modern sewing machine basically has mechanized the straight stitch, but sometimes there is just no replacing a straight stitch that has been done by hand. Prep your fabric, if needed, by ironing it flat or pinning it to hold it together. You will need to determine if these steps are appropriate before you begin to stitch. Knot your thread to the fabric, and then simply weave the needle in and out of the fabric in a straight line. The length of your stitches can be very short or very long, depending on what you are working on, again you will need to decide what is appropriate.. If you are gathering your fabric together, you might want to run a second straight stitch next to the first for stability.

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